About us

Egosan is a line of incontinence aids

Born from the experience of Santex, an all-Italian company.

Ours is an important field which has to do with the most intimate personal sphere, and we are aware of the role of our incontinence products in your daily life.

For us, what matters is making a contribution to the quality of your life by offering you protection, comfort and freedom: this is why we are constantly committed to designing and producing high quality products.

We listen to the people who wear our aids and to those who take care of them. We expertly combine the information received with advanced technologies in order to design absorbent aids that meet the requirements of any type of incontinence.

Our aim

We are at your side to help you manage any incontinence need.

Our experience has enabled us to study and develop discreet pads, suitable for those with small urinary leaks, but also products dedicated to major leaks, in order to always provide correct remedies for every requirement.

We are proud to have developed a line of incontinence products by selecting quality raw materials, using advanced technologies and internally controlling the entire Italian manufacturing process, paying constant attention to the impact on the environment: from purchasing cellulose from sustainably managed forests to reducing the consumption of raw materials, everything is aimed at saving natural and water resources.

Our products

Context of use

Every product is designed specifically to offer peace of mind, both during the day and when you are asleep.


Every aid offers high absorbency in order to contain any leak and to minimise the feeling of wetness.


We use hypoallergenic, soft and breathable materials and study products that accompany body shapes for a great fit.


Thanks to the adherence to the body of the anatomical contours and by the anti-odour system.


Egosan in the world.

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