The many facets of incontinence

This problem concerns men and women of all ages: we have collected a few of their stories to tell you how they deal and manage it in everyday life.

The whole truth about incontinence

About 8% of the world population is incontinent. Commonly, this disorder is associated with advanced age, but sector surveys reveal that almost half of incontinent people fall within the 18 to 54-year age range.

It is clear that these are very different people, both for physical conditions and for lifestyles, as well as for the extent of the specific disorder.

All this generates very varied needs and expectations in relation to the way in which an incontinence aid can allow an optimal management of this critical issue: today, thanks to innovative technologies and specially designed aids, the impact of incontinence on your life and on that of your loved ones can be drastically reduced.

Discover the many facets of incontinence: discover practical tips to manage it in the simplest way through the stories of those who live with it, without compromising on your well-being and, above all, feeling comfortable in every situation.


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