Incontinence Carers The story of Anna

The story of Anna

The topic of incontinence is often a taboo: but talking about it is the only way to overcome obstacles and to return to daily life.

"Every day for work, I have to deal with incontinent patients and their families, and I realise that handling this issue is really delicate."

Both for cultural and psychological reasons, the admission of suffering from this disorder is really complicated, as sometimes the patient denies or minimises the symptoms and does not talk about it with his/her doctor or with family members.

I often hear people tell me, "How strange, it had never happened to me before!", or even to see children ashamed of their parents. When it happens, I always try to explain that there is nothing strange or "dishonourable" in incontinence, which can happen regardless of age and sex and that awareness is the first step towards learning to live with it as serenely as possible. And this applies both to sufferers and to those who need to assist a relative or patient.

It is understandable that there is a certain reluctance to talk about this subject, especially with the partner, but often the greatest discomfort is caused precisely by this silence rather than by incontinence itself.
I have known patients who, in order not to admit to being incontinent, have gradually given up their habits, stopped seeing friends or practicing sports and who have even shown episodes of anxiety or depression linked to this condition, one which was inadmissible for them.

With experience I have learned that taking on an attitude of understanding rather than of reproach, both towards oneself and towards the person being cared for, and talking about it with the family doctor (and with the people we love), are necessary steps to better deal with these situations.
Because incontinence is a disorder which can be treated, cured, and which can be lived with: nowadays, incontinence products are discreet, comfortable and allow us to live with less sacrifice and without embarrassment.


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