Incontinence Woman The story of Maria

The story of Maria

At the age of 58, it seemed too early to suffer from incontinence and I didn't want to accept it.

"After the menopause I started to have more and more episodes of urine leakage, but I didn't want to admit to having a problem".

It had already happened to me during my two pregnancies, almost thirty years ago, and it had never happened again until the menopause: my body was in total turmoil, so I didn't pay any attention and thought that the leaks would just disappear with time. But the months passed and the situation showed no signs of improving: I stop-gapped by using normal sanitary pads, which I was forced to change all the time and which did not remove the unpleasant smells as much as I would have wanted.

At work I never stayed longer than was necessary and I was careful to drink very little, then I started to go out less with my friends and to decline, whenever possible, invitations from family members too. With my husband it was even more difficult, but using the excuse of not wanting to disturb him with my sudden nocturnal awakenings due to hot flushes, for a while I managed not to tackle the subject and to avoid sleeping together. One evening, however, while we were chatting, we burst out laughing and I wet the chair: in shame I ran and locked myself in the bathroom.

The next day I called my doctor and made an appointment.

So I discovered I was suffering from stress incontinence and I understood how to handle it: I changed my diet, I avoid drinking before going to bed and above all I found the right pad for me. Now I'm free to do what I did before, without feeling embarrassed when I'm with others and, above all, with my husband.


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