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Can I prevent irritation by taking care of hygiene?

Yes, certainly a proper intimate hygiene helps to prevent possible skin irritations.

Skin in contact with urine is subject to more stress and is likely to get irritated, so the good habits you should adopt are:

• cleanse the skin every time the incontinence aid is changed;
• use detergents with neutral pH which are not too aggressive (possibly without fragrances);
• it may be useful to treat the area with a zinc-based ointment, which has antiseptic properties, or with moisturising creams;
• (always!) dry the area perfectly before wearing a new pad.

Warning: washing yourself too frequently can cause skin irritation, as you risk weakening the epithelium, which is the most superficial layer of the skin, which protects it from external agents.

The second fundamental recommendation is to use highly absorbent, anatomical aids made of breathable materials: discover our proposals here


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