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How can I do Kegel exercises correctly?

Kegel exercises are a great workout to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which are those which "regulate" the functioning of the bladder. They are very useful for the recovery of urinary continence, both in women and in men, and can be performed while lying down, sitting or standing.

Here's how to do them:

• First of all, empty the bladder.
• Contract the pelvic floor muscles (as if trying to hold back the urine stream) for 5 seconds, trying to keep the buttocks relaxed and concentrating on the abdomen.
• Relax for 10 seconds.
• Repeat the sequence 10 times.
• Train at least three times a day (morning, afternoon and evening).

Initially you may not be able to hold the contraction, but it doesn't matter: as you continue with the exercises your resistance will improve. On the contrary, if you realise that 5 seconds are too few, try to hold the contraction for longer, the important thing is that the period of "relaxation" is twice that of contraction.
Do not overdo it! Just train 3 times a day, if you overdo it you risk straining your muscles and making the situation worse.

There are also specific tools to perform these exercises, we recommend that you contact a specialist to get the right suggestions based on your needs.


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