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What are the foods to avoid if I suffer from incontinence?

Some foods can promote urinary leaks: here is a short list of which foods and drinks to avoid or to consume in moderation if you suffer from incontinence.

• Alcoholic drinks: they dehydrate the body and increase the amount of urine, therefore they should be limited as much as possible.
• Coffee, tea, chocolate, cola and in general everything that contains caffeine or theine can have diuretic effects and should therefore be avoided.
• Spicy or acid foods: pepper, chilli pepper, vinegar, soy sauce, citrus juices and hot spices, because they can irritate the bladder.
• Carbonated drinks: in this case too, they can act as irritants for the bladder, so they should be avoided.
• Sugars: in addition to the risk of irritating the bladder, they promote weight gain, one of the causes of incontinence.

There are some general rules to follow a correct diet if you suffer from incontinence> (LINK WITH SPECIFIC QUESTION), but we always advise you to contact your doctor to obtain a personalised food plan based on your specific case.


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