For retirement homes


A collaboration that puts the focus on your facility, your nursing home patients and your staff.

We know very well that at the heart of our job there is the satisfaction of a system of needs: the operational and economic efficiency of the structure, the well-being of guests and the quality of work of your staff.

For this reason, we have condensed the experience gained in over 30 years in Ego-System, a project tailor-made for your Retirement Home.

We always start by listening to your needs. The support and empathy of our specialised staff allow us to identify needs and possible areas of improvement, and to offer quality solutions which optimise the time and costs dedicated to managing guests’ incontinence.

We work together so our incontinence aids can make the difference

Egosan is a professional line of incontinence products specifically designed to meet the needs of all types of incontinence with aids of the highest quality, safety and performance.
Control of the entire production process guarantees an extreme customisation of the offer and allows us to develop devices to meet specific requirements.

Our experience at your side in your daily work.

We have been attending Retirement Homes assiduously for more than 30 years.
Our exchange of views with the clinical staff and the operational testing of our incontinence devices ensure we are able to continuously improve the solutions we offer.

We guarantee our expertise at the service of the facilities, through coaching paths dedicated to sharing tools and working methods which affect all operational areas of incontinence management in residential facilities.

Our solutions at your service to optimise management in the facility.

Ego-System is a project designed for an all-around management of incontinence in your nursing home:

Appropriateness Area

For your staff, an orientation protocol in order to identify the most suitable aids for each guest and the development of the related therapeutic plan, on which to determine the exact consumption.

Hygiene Area

With the proper hygiene of your guest at different times of the day you prevent complications such as inflammation and bedsores, while also reducing the workload of the healthcare staff.

Inventory/order management area

Personalised therapeutic plans, together with the availability of our specialised staff, are a valid support for planning reorders, containing waste and optimising investments.


Our eco-friendly behaviour leads us to adopt manufacturing solutions which fully respect the environment. This is why we also help you, by supporting you in the disposal of the packaging and of all used aids.


Egosan in the world.

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